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Christelle Mandjiny

Experte Innovation Managériale _


After receiving an advanced graduate diploma (DESS) in Corporate Finance, Christelle worked for BNP Paribas for 13 years in several positions, including management. Her discovery of Lean Management with BNP Paribas’ ACE program was a revelation and a catalyst: creativity, team empowerment, simplicity, and collective power, all at the service of the customer. She decided to focus her career on these topics affecting organizational management methods.

Innovation in all its forms

Her entrepreneurial experience in India gave her the opportunity to experiment with Lean Startup and discover what is now called Frugal Innovation. After reading works by I. Getz, N. Radjou, V. Nayar, F. Laloux and E. Ries, she became convinced that organizational transformations must be co-developed with employees, while taking their environment into account.

Business and Happiness

Since Christelle is particularly committed to well being at work and the quality of customer relations, she became a “Passeur du bonheur au travail” (a “happiness generator at work”) after participating in a Fabrique Spinoza training. She now develops innovative products for Astrakhan so that happiness at work goes hand-in-hand with company performance. She conducts coaching sessions and leads trainings that she co-develops with her clients.

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