L’approche Biz-Dev-Ops


The Biz-Dev-Ops Approach, Foundation of the Innovative Company _


The Biz-Dev-Ops

In an era of all things digital and the digital transition of organizations, the company’s culture has become its distinguishing feature.

What management principles should you adopt to encourage free expression and the emergence of ideas? How can you facilitate collaboration and listen to your customers? How can you strengthen employee engagement and their feeling of belonging?

It’s important not to brush aside these questions when launching a Biz-Dev-Ops approach. Technology can speed up production and inter-team collaboration, but only a shared vision and culture will allow the company to anticipate changes in consumption and stay at the forefront.

Astrakhan’s BIZ-DEV-OPS approach illustrates our belief in addressing a company’s human heart, while successfully managing your technological choices regarding DevOps solutions.

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