Livre blanc iPaaS, l’intégration Out-Premise


Digital Integration _


White Paper on iPaaS, Off-Premise Integration

iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a cloud integration platform that combines both data and application integration. As with API Management, in the last few months it has helped breathe new life into discussions on inter-application integration to develop ambitious strategies to build an ecosystem of services and/or to connect to it.

At a time when there are innumerable SaaS, API Management, and all-Cloud projects, many questions arise about integration and its updates.

How can you ensure integration between your Cloud applications when they each have their own strong SLAs?

How can you integrate your On-Premise IS into the Cloud?

How can you take advantage of the agility of new technological solutions without being limited by the integration layer?

This white paper provides an overview of digital integration as well as a detailed presentation of iPaaS, along with its use cases and solutions, giving you the keys to integration in the digital era.

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